Chiropractic Care for Infants

Common questions and concerns about the benefits of chiropractic care for delivery and infant health.

Q. Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Infants?

The chiropractic approach to health care is natural. It does not try to stimulate or inhibit normal body function. Instead, Dr. Walker addresses the important relationship between the nervous system and disease. Various symptoms, such as colic, respiratory distress, fever, earaches, and a lowered resistance may be manifested in young children due to abnormal body function caused by subluxations.

Q. What are subluxations?

The birth process, even under natural and controlled conditions, is potentially traumatic. During the pushing stage of labor, the spine, particularly the neck, may be injured as the baby is compressed and pushing down the birth canal. As the baby is compressed, the small bones of the spine may be pushed out of natural alignment. This causes the nerves to become stretched or twisted, and the vital communication system is disrupted. This neurological disturbance is called a subluxation.

Q. How can subluxations affect my baby?

Subluxation may result in the failure of one or more parts of the body, as well as health in general. Subluxations can also foster the onset of sickness and disease as the body weakens.

Dr. Walker specializes in the detection and correction of subluxation. Instead of treating the symptoms of the disease, Dr. Walker corrects the subluxation so that normal body functions may take place.

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